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The Top Signs That It's Time To Get In-home Elderly Care For A Loved One

As people live longer and longer, more and more adults are having to worry about their aging parents. While most people want to live on their own and enjoy their independence as long as possible, this means that much of the burden of care often gets shifted onto the shoulders of children. It can be difficult and stressful to care for your aging parents while taking care of other responsibilities at the same time. 

In many cases, the best approach is to hire someone to provide in-home care for your loved one. Knowing when the time is right for such a move can be difficult. By watching out for some common warning signs, you can make sure that you do not put this important decision off for too long.

When you visit your parents in their home, pay attention to their appearance. If they appear disheveled, or do not seem to have changed their clothes in a few days, this can be a sign that they are no longer able to care properly for themselves. A lack of proper personal hygiene can indicate that they are no longer able to physically take care of their needs. It can also be a sign of increasing depression.

Look for any signs of injuries. For example, has your parent burned himself, or does he have bruises? These can indicate that your parent may be having difficulty handling cooking utensils in the kitchen. Not only does this increase the chance of injury, but it also means that the risk of a fire has increased.

Falls are some of the most common causes of injuries among older people, so make sure that you keep a close eye on your loved one. Does his balance seem to be off? Has he fallen in the past? Even a seemingly minor fall can lead to sever injuries among the elderly.

Look around the house when you visit and see what sort of shape it is in. If you notice a significant decrease in the level of tidiness, this may indicate that it is time to hire some assistance. As people age, they are often no longer able to keep up with many daily chores, such as dusting, sweeping, or even doing the dishes.

Watch out for any signs of forgetfulness, confusion, or disorientation when you talk to your parent. While everyone occasionally forgets something or seems out of it, these can also be the first signs of dementia or Alzheimer's disease. These conditions can come on very quickly, so you need to be watchful for the initial signs

Does your parent seem less interested in socializing or spending time with friends? This is another warning sign that it may be time to hire in-home care. As people age, they often tend to pull away from other people. Hiring someone to come in and provide assistance will help them feel more confident about socializing and having guests over again.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jonathan Leger is a freelance writer and small business owner. He runs a popular question and answer website at AnswerThis.co.

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