As love ones, family and friends age, there may come a time when they may need assistance and help with daily living activities in order to stay in their homes. We, who care and are concerned  about their happiness and well being often take on the tasks of providing the help and assistance they need. Many times, it is not an easy job and can be quite strenous and overwhelming; especially if done in isolation without respite or help. The Goldenhearts Caregiver and Respite group is a place that the caregiver can come to for moral support, information and respite.

 Starting in April 2014, this group will meet once a month, the 4th Thursday 7:00pm-8:30pm. Attendance is limited, only 15 people at a time, as the group grows, meetings will be held 2x a month to accomodate all members. Dues are $5 per month to cover lite refreshments and snacks to be served at the meeting.  

If interested in joining, please fill out form below and remember seating is limited!

Meetings will take place at:

306 White Plains Road, Bronx, NY 10473 (866) 531-4620


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